Bleeding on the inside

Vs1 Guilty pleasures made him a slave to sin Worry and heartache ate away at him Inside he was doing hard time Always in search of his next high Chorus He was bleeding on the inside Fighting for His life Bleeding on the inside Tormented by the devil’s lies Bleeding on the inside Vs2 That cheater’s lies hurt her so bad She ran away angry but returns sad He crosses his fingers hoping she buys the lies So he can go ahead and live a double life Chorus 2 She was bleeding on the inside Fighting for her life Bleeding … Continue reading Bleeding on the inside

Fly your kite

Vs1 Holy Spirit, stirring gentle breeze I start to unwind some more string Run with me, watch as it takes flight Up and up into the heavenly sky Chorus Go and fly your kite Watch it swiftly rise Lift up on high The name of Jesus For every eye to see That all would believe Go and fly  Fly your kite Vs2 Streamer tails color the air Sunglasses on, having fun with no cares Have faith, let it soar into the clouds Proclaim God’s message aloud Chorus Written byBrian Shertzer 7-8-2020 Continue reading Fly your kite

When leaves cover your eyes

Vs1 Fog, rain, and the cold creep in In a season where sin entertains sin Lies fall swiftly, coating the forest floor Deceptive voices whisper, only stories of folklore Chorus Lying asleep in the light Alienated between wrong and right Horrified, how did I become so blind When leaves cover your eyes Vs2 There’s a chill tingling down my spine As I play in the depth lush of the pines I face a choice that only I can make Cry out to be saved or remain a slave Chorus Written by Brian Shertzer 8-18-2020 Rom 6:23, 12:2 Jam 1:14-15 Continue reading When leaves cover your eyes


Vs1 Tears have paved her path to the altar She’s chosen courage over shame She heeds the voice of her heavenly Father And He calls her by name Chorus Daily,  keep her in your prayers Stand by her side in spiritual warfare Redemption’s song has been entwined As she eats the bread and drinks the wine Entwined Vs2 Just like a newborn baby  Her infant cries won’t go unheard He holds her gently in His arms And she clings to every precious Word Chorus Bridge She knows and relies on God’s unfailing love For she’s found that it’s more than … Continue reading Entwined

I Am Home

Vs 1 By His blood, I am saved I’ve run the race, and kept the faith I hear those cheering, calling me home I wonder where has all the time gone Vs2 As I pass through heaven’s pearly gates I hear voices singing “Amazing grace” I see my name written in the Book of Life This glorious place, no words can describe Chorus I Am home I Am home Amongst the angels Before God’s throne I Am home I Am home My every sin Has been atoned I Am, I Am home I Am, I Am home Vs3 The Spirit … Continue reading I Am Home

Mourning Snow

Mourning Snow (daddy’s gloves) Vs1 I guess I won’t be sleeping in today Ice and snow have covered the roadway So, I rise unwillingly from my cozy bed Slipping on my boots, as I finish getting dressed Vs2 Stepping outside in the dark frigid snowy wet I begin to shovel and work up quite a sweat Gray clouds show that there is no end in sight My strength is fading but my spirit fights Chorus Morning snow, resurfaced memories Of the kind of daddy, dad used to be He’s gone but mom gave to me as a gift of love … Continue reading Mourning Snow

Will you listen

Vs1 How many years of my life  Have I taken the time To pray without words  Kneeling in silence before my Lord Chorus When was the last time that I heard His still small voice speaking His Word Right on target, directed at my heart His light piercing the dark Let go, stop holding on Be who you are for Him Choose God, be strong Will you listen Vs2 Am I holding fast unto this life Living in my comfort zone What plans does the Lord have in mind May God’s will in my life be made known Chorus Bridge … Continue reading Will you listen

One less star in the sky tonight

Vs1 Standing in the mountains searching the night sky I see so many stars and wish that one could be mine But wishing won’t get me very far, my friends So I prayed, “Dear Lord, please help this lonely man” Vs2 Be careful what you pray for, cause God is always listening Ask him for your soulmate, not a queen or a king He has given me all I ever wanted But now I’m ready for all that He has ever wanted for me Chorus I believe that God sent you to be with me Standing by my side, reaching … Continue reading One less star in the sky tonight

My Heart is True

Vs1 Oh Lord, how majestic is Your name From the lips of children, You’ve ordained praise And His love is no secret to me For it was clearly written on Calvary’s tree Chorus My heart is true, full of hope Love and joy are bursting forth Don’t know where I would be Without His love for me My heart is true Vs2 When I hear the gospel story It gives me glimpses of glory Here my faith comes alive As I surrender every area of my life Chorus I don’t know where I would be Without His love for me. … Continue reading My Heart is True

Praise the Father, Praise the Son

Chorus Praise the Father, praise the Son Praise Jesus, for what He’s done For He died for you and me Praise God, Praise the Lord What are you waiting for? Jesus rose to set us free I used to walk in my own way Didn’t care about a single day I was pleasing only myself While lost on the road to hell But when Jesus came to me He heard this poor sinner’s plea His grace forever changed my life Born again through Jesus Christ Chorus    Since I’ve experienced new life The old man inside has died Jesus gives me, … Continue reading Praise the Father, Praise the Son