Face of grace

Vs1 Some people only look at His feet They feel that they’re not worthy Others still will only take His hand But look away back to sinking sand Chorus Look to His face, full of mercy and grace Seek His hand, He truly understands Bow at His feet, for He is the Lord of mercy Look to His face, full of mercy and grace Vs2 Some yearn to just touch His clothes But He waits to clothe them in a royal robe While skeptics simply look the other way Such child’s play in their world of gray © 4-9-95 Written … Continue reading Face of grace

All the nations

Vs1 Another great day that God has made I will rejoice and give Him praise I just want to exalt His holy name This joy I found cannot be contained Chorus Clap your hands all the nations Shout to God with cries of joy For He is the King of all the earth Sing to Him a psalm of praise Vs2 So don’t wish your life away Smell the roses along the way We have been so blessed God has given us his very best Chorus Every nation, lift up your voice All the nations, sing out in joy! Chorus … Continue reading All the nations

Lost in His glory

Vs1 He took my sins to the cross And raised my soul from the dust Oh God, I was so very lost But you rescued me at such a high cost Chorus So, why do I worry Why am I afraid Lost in His glory There I find faith So, why do I worry Why am I afraid Lost in His glory I am saved Vs2 Searching God’s holy scriptures Studying page by page Painting a vivid picture Of His amazing grace Chorus So, why do I worry Why am I afraid Lost in His glory There I find faith … Continue reading Lost in His glory

Hot coals

Vs1 Take the hot coal and cleanse my lips Purging my sin, replacing with holiness Sent out to make disciples of men But first this world one must unfriend Pre-Chorus Go to His people, give them His Word Chorus (2X) See with your eyes Hear with your ears Understand with your hearts Turn and be healed Vs2 God is not mocked, man reaps what he sows So, sow to the Spirit, by your fruits you are known Let us not grow weary in doing well Saving others, snatching them from hell Chorus Isaiah 6:1-10 Galatians 6:5-10 Jude 1:23 Written by … Continue reading Hot coals

The Shadow of the cross

Vs1 God’s love requires sacrifice To give up one’s hate to gain back one’s life With a humble heart, hard choices were made As love conquered all, fear faded away Chorus This is what this world truly needs God fearing people who forgive freely With a hug they comfort each others sorrows and loss Finding healing and compassion in the shadow of the cross Vs2 May their courage be contagious to our nation As we care for one another in understanding and patience May we give back to others, what they don’t deserve Granting grace and mercy right from God’s … Continue reading The Shadow of the cross

Balaam’s way

Vs1 There is no reward in the devil’s pleasure But where your heart is there lies your treasure So guard your heart above all else Don’t ride a donkey on the path to hell Chorus Fall face down and repent Examine your heart in prayerful silence Listen to the Lord and all He has to say Or you’ll find folly on Balaam’s way Vs2 No one can curse what God has blessed In the Lord you will find completeness and rest Throw down your earthly crowns, soon to be rust Return to the Lord giving Him your full trust Chorus … Continue reading Balaam’s way