Into the deep

Vs1 The surge of the storm has left us broken The beauty and splendor, torn and gone Run aground onto jagged rocks Returned by our deliverer to the docks Vs2  Narrow straits require a steady faith Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way With God’s compass close to my heart His light guides me through the murkiest dark Chorus Jesus, please take the ship’s wheel Instruct us when to set the sails As God our Captain daily leads We’ll explore into the deep Vs3 Anchors away taken by the tide On dangerous waters the Lord is our guide Take … Continue reading Into the deep

Render Mercy & Love

Vs1 When I think of your struggles My heart goes out to you So small are my troubles And that is the honest truth Chorus 2x So, let us with compassion share The love of Christ within us For nothing can compare When we render mercy and love Vs2 The warmth of our words preps healing of hearts Filled with kindness they hit the mark When wisdom finds its way to our lips Wrapped in love, it presents the sweetest gift Chorus Written by Brian Shertzer  1-10-2021 Continue reading Render Mercy & Love

Play in the mudd

Vs1 I’m not going to play in the mud And let the devil twist my mind For sin, he obsessively loves When he tempts me to compromise Chorus Why do we love to play in the mud When it will be the death of us Covered from head to toe in this crud Why do we love to play in the mud Vs2 In this pitfall, I cannot budge Embedded, entombed in this sludge Stuck in the stench of what I thought I loved Just another victim, soon enough Chorus Bridge In the murk and the mire I entertained my … Continue reading Play in the mudd

Where He Leads

We serve God by serving those in need Answering the call wherever it may lead The Shepherd leads by faith and grace We don’t always know the time or place We don’t always know the time or place But when we put our trust in Him A brand new journey can at once begin Soon the Spirit makes it clear Where He leads, we need not fear Chorus Grace and peace be with you Until we meet again Here you’ll always find Your family and your friends Though now our paths are different Our vision stays the same Though distance … Continue reading Where He Leads

At the center

Vs1 Falling to my knees I bow my head as I pray Entering the Holy of Holies adorned with the garment of praise Lord, please bring me back to the center The sacred space from where He sends us Chorus At the center of every chapter and verse Is a drawing to enter His inner courts As I humbly bare a willing heart It’s from His center that we must start Vs2 His light shines through us all From its core we answer the call Be His reflection, radiate God’s love A lighthouse that others may trust Chorus Written by … Continue reading At the center


Vs1 Are you suppressing any secrets Seeking innocence not forgiveness Building a tall wall around your past Confining yourself to prison walls of glass Chorus  Cleansing the soul as fresh fallen snow  He can make new that which was old Failures flee, guilt dissolves away But first we must make Him our hideaway Vs2 Are you angry over the wasted years Tired of crying a river of tears So hand it over, confess all to Him Jesus wants to remove your hideaway sins Chorus Written by Brian Shertzer  6-22-2020 Continue reading Hideaway

Change of Heart

Vs1 Day after day  I had drifted away It was my mistake  That I tread with the snake But when I came to reason Yeah, when I realized It’s better in God’s Kingdom Than living a lie Chorus  I’ve had a change of heart! Cleansed by the light Rescued from the dark I’ve had a change of heart! The old life is gone I’ve got a brand new start Change, Change of heart! Vs 2 Prodigal thoughts  As I walk alone What if my Daddy Doesn’t welcome me home So I’ll fall at His knees And beg Him please But … Continue reading Change of Heart

The flame will never die

Vs1 Stop and listen to the crackling of the campfire How it begs for another piece of firewood Huddled together they share stories to inspire Of their journey from teens to adulthood Chorus And they will never allow the flame to die Though the storms and wind try to snuff out their light They’ve found hope and strength in Jesus Christ The flame may flicker but will never die Vs2 So be as bold as lions in this cold cruel place Go forth, as ambassadors of God’s grace In Word and in deed make His presence known Until the day, … Continue reading The flame will never die

Snowfall Splendor

Vs1 The sun returns to shine after the storm Though it’s chilly outside, my heart is warmed By the beauty I behold, God’s landscape of white As it clings to the branches and the memories of my life Chorus Behold, the snowflakes splendor beyond the shoveling strain Take time to snap a picture though your muscles ache For pain is for a moment but God’s splendor don’t miss These earthly treasures will transform into eternal bliss Vs2 God’s masterpiece before us, why would anyone choose to ignore So pause and reflect, His creation to its core There is grace in … Continue reading Snowfall Splendor

Shadows grow thin

Vs1 Shadows shift as I draw closer to God’s light Hope is reborn as I rededicate my life While I light this candle, let it symbolize The faith and fire found in Jesus Christ Chorus As we stand side by side on Christmas Eve Voices unite, giving God all the glory On this holy night, carry His flame to the inn Seek the Savior, don’t let shadows grow thin Vs2 Five wise virgins were ready for that day When Christ would return to take them away Fuel your light, as you daily walk with Him Ready for the day, you … Continue reading Shadows grow thin